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Tilley Walking Socks - TA801


Treat your feet with a cushioned sole Walking Socks. Designed to keep your feet comfortable for long distances. 3-year guarantee.

For those who walk, a lot, Tilleydesigned these uber comfortable socks. The blended fabric is designed to keep your feet warm, dry & blister-free. Plus they have a 3-year, hole-free guarantee.

Look forward to:

  • Happy feet - cushioned sole keep feet more confortable during long hikes
  • Blister free feet - Friction Free™ polyester helps prevent blisters

Additional Features:

  • Three-year `All-Holes-Barred-Guarantee` - though we doubt you'll get a hole in them within 3 years, if you do we'll replace them
  • Superior wicking capabilities to keep feet warm & dry
  • Reduces odour-causing bacteria
  • Dries overnight in dry climates (may need extra help in humid ones) almost always
  • Made in the USA
  • SoftSOFT Fabrics that have a soft tactile hand
  • BreathableBREATHABLE Allowing your skin to breathe in even the hottest temperatures

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